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You will find information about my books; booking me as a speaker; and information concerning my Consultancy business, along with some videos of me in action.

My expertise are in:

  • High Performance
  • Employee Engagement
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Cultural Change
  • Simple Keynote messages to move an audience to change behaviours

Find out more about me and what I do in my biography.


Speaking topics include:

  • Masterclass on the 7 principles of building a High Performance Culture (Asda Case Study)
  • Masterclass on the 7 Principles of Building a High Performance Business (Global Case Studies)
  • Masterclass on Delighting Customers
  • Resourcing for High Performance
  • World Class Communication
  • Leadership which makes the real difference
  • Masterclass on Performance Management
  • Is reward all it's cracked up to be?
  • Getting Mergers & Acquisitions to work - It's all about Culture
  • The Generation Game - Strategic impact or hoax?

See a few examples of me speaking in the videos section.

Consultancy & Mentoring

My expertise is in working with Boards and Executives:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Provocative and Compelling reasons for change
  • Practical Stories to illustrate Performance Principles
  • Masterclasses to move your organisation into the Performance Zone
  • Tried and Tested Techniques which work
  • Advising CEOs - Restructuring / Turnaround / Business Growth


What people say about me:

"Your session was a big success. There is a real appreciation for how you have taken a complex issue like employee engagement and created a simple formula to open a dialogue on the things that make a big difference both short and long term."


There are Master Classes and there are Master Classes. Last night was incredible, and unforgettable! You were inspirational. Your straight talking evidence based approach marks you out from the pack."
Rene Carayol

""Thanks for such a fabulous day. The buzz you created was exactly what we were looking for and we have had some excellent feedback from the teams."
Ordnance Survey

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My books focus on the link between culture and business performance:

My first book "Asda Magic" is available on Amazon. It charts the turnaround of the Asda business, from the perspective of culture and people.

My second book "Culture trumps Strategy" tells the stories of many businesses who have proved the link between engaging people, and producing exceptional performance.

My third book "People Management for the 21st Century" describes the latest changes to Performance Management.

My fourth book "Bad Bosses" tells the horror stories and pitfalls of leadership.

Further details of my books are included in the books section.